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78 Lokev
Lokev, Sežana, 6219

+386 40 214 226

Krasna is a small family-owned hotel that provides guests unique Karst culinary experiences in Slovenia. 



The Krasna house of hospitality is a small family hotel with five rooms that are incredibly spacious, bright and furnished for a comfortable and relaxing holiday. The rooms are complemented by a gourmet restaurant, a stone cellar for tasting events, a multipurpose room and a picturesque outdoor atrium.

For enjoyment and relaxation


There is no hurry in life.

On the first floor of the Krasna house of hospitality, there are five spacious rooms that can accommodate 11 to 16 guests. Zarja, Roža, Luna, Vita and Brina are the names of our rooms, as each room has its own personality, character and colour. They are all luxuriously spacious, bright and furnished to offer comfort to the most demanding guest. Each room is complemented by an elegant and charming bathroom.


The Karst cuisine is famous for its full flavours, something Krasna aspires to. In our restaurant, guests can enjoy Karst treats, which lead the traveller into both the tradition and the modernity of the Karst under the watchful eye of the chef.

The visit to the Krasna chamber in the cellar is always a delight. Its gourmet mark is the result of the marriage of wines with Karst prosciutto and freshly baked bread from the baker’s oven.

Alongside good food and drink, consumed in good company, every day can be turned into a holiday. If the saying that we are what we eat is true, then everyone who tastes our treats will always carry a part of Karst in their hearts.

A perfect day is when we enjoy every moment of it.


Our dreams came true with the opening of the Krasna house. Dajana, Boris, Eva and Taja will be glad to host you and pamper you. Perhaps you will also meet our cat Pika.

We are proud that we have managed to become part of the beauty of Istria and the Karst, as the house is decorated with old stone and wood elements, which help the traveller recall the homeliness. We are also proud that our chef is reviving local dishes and takes gourmets into both the Karst tradition and modernity, and that we are connected with other guesthouses and suppliers nearby. Furthermore, we are also glad that we are rediscovering the essence of our happiness and that we are sharing it with our guests and thus together becoming more confident and proud of what we are.


The history of the house in which Krasna is situated today is simply amazing. It started with a small house that was sold at an auction 100 years ago. Together with its field, it bordered on grandfather Franc Gregorič’s property. He wanted to buy it, but unfortunately, it fell into the hands of more prosperous villagers.


When the house was destroyed by fire, a new and a bigger one was built. In the time of the Italian rule, they arranged the rooms in the upper floor of the house. These rooms were rented out by the Trieste lords. They came to the village of Lokev on holiday to relax and to breathe in the fresh air. 

Later in 1929, grandfather Franc Gregorčič wanted to go to Argentina to find work. He needed money for the journey, but did not have any, so he asked the neighbours who owned this house for it. In exchange, he had to give them 100 baskets of his garden soil, which he transferred to their field, and a path that lead from their field to the road alongside the neighbouring houses.

The Second World War came along and the owner moved to Trieste and left the house to his relative, who moved in with her daughter because of her declining health in old age and put the property up for sale. 

The saying “You can do it” provided a turning point in our lives and thus the land and the house came into our possession after a hundred years – into the possession of Gregorčič’s grandson Boris and his wife Dajana. Together with our daughters Taja and Eva, we are now at the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the house that became Krasna.