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78 Lokev
Lokev, Sežana, 6219

+386 40 214 226

Krasna is a small family-owned hotel that provides guests unique Karst culinary experiences in Slovenia. 



Modernly Homemade

You are most welcome to embark on a culinary journey through the Karst in our restaurant. Breakfast with your loved ones, a business lunch or dinner in the company of friends – at Krasna, everything is an opportunity for a unique gourmet adventure. In the lower part of the house, our dining room invites you to enjoy yourself. At the warm time of the year, it spreads its hospitality into the atrium courtyard.



Chamber sweet chamber.

In the cellar is a chamber buried in the Karst stone. It is a place filled with tranquillity, a room where we can feel the special energy from the stone. In the chamber, the temperature feels pleasant throughout the year. The cellar chamber is an ideal room for getting to know and tasting wines either from the Karst or from other Slovenian wine-growing areas. The wines are spiced with Karst prosciutto (homemade pancetta) and freshly baked bread from the baker’s oven.



Pure and homemade with a dash of modern is the motto of chef, who takes the traveller into the tradition and modernity of the Karst.

Together with the chef, we use seasonal dishes and local ingredients to create a new culinary story in the area of the Karst, where three different lands unite. 

Discover new horizons, find new tastes and indulge yourself in culinary pleasures.